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I am re-discovering over and over again how intelligent my body is. Sometimes I am blown away, when I remind myself that I can pre-occupy my thoughts with important things like “What’s for dinner? Who is taking the dog out for a walk? When is my next call?…..”, only because all the bodily functions are already well taken care of! I don’t need to remind myself to breathe, or to digest breakfast or to manage my heart beats or….. How amazing is that? We are all so well cared of that we forget sometimes. And so, with this video below, I invite you to tap into that inner wisdom that we all have and see what your body wants to tell you. Maybe it’s about what kind of food it does or does not want, or that a certain planned activity doesn’t feel as exciting anymore as when you planned it. Listen to it. And play with it! And if you like it, please leave a comment on the video, thank you!

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Have a wonderful week ahead!