Dearest reader,

I would like to share a story with you. A story that happened this week where I litterally took my power back. I committed to myself like I have never before, at least not from what I remember. I was on a zoom call, when it made “click”. I had such an awareness of what I want and therefore also of what I no longer want in my life. In this particular zoom, it was about my dreams and desires and about what I want to do more of. And so, during this call, I took all the power back that I consciously or unconsciously gave away. I want to be in my full power! And yes, there might be moments in the future, where it will feel like I am giving it away, but I know now that I will notice it much quicker than ever before and so the quicker I’ll be able to step back into my power.

Please check out the question of the week video, which is all about realising in which areas of your life you might be giving you power away, it’s time to take it back!

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Have an amazing week!