Hello, hello!

A few weeks ago I wrote that “I am back” and then you didn’t hear from me.… I have no excuse really, except me moving to another city, picking up a part-time job and sleeping on friends’ couches and beds since :)

But now I am really back as I actually moved forward and recorded a short video for you. Why? I felt it was time to be even more vulnerable. I want to be more open, honest and vulnerable than ever before.

The impulse to re-start blogging and vlogging I got a few months back when I picked up coaching. I am currently coaching someone and I am amazed about how beautifully it’s turning out. It is a wonderful reminder to learn that my advice really can help people.

So, I feel like sharing with you what I am learning on my path. Hoping that it makes sense and that it is helpful to you. Maybe even worthwhile to test some of it out. Up to you to make the call.

I intend to share how to deal with every day life situations, with our family and friends, co-workers or strangers on public transport. And how to change perspective on things can sometimes be the best option of all. How to be happy with life and the circumstances you find yourself in, whether you love or hate them.

And for a little intro to what’s coming up in the future, check out the 2-minute video below which I shot for you in beautiful Hamburg:

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Looking forward to connecting with you again really soon!

In the meanwhile, take good care of yourself.