Hello lovely beings,

Do you sometimes feel that it’s too hard to just “accept what is”? Accept things as they are?

Sometimes things are simply unacceptable. (And I am tempted to give some political examples, but I prefer not to.)

Earlier this week, I felt exactly like that. It was too difficult for me to accept. And in the past, I thought: “Uugghh, I’d better accept what is, otherwise I won’t be able to move on. Even if I don’t like it.”

For me, “accept what is”  is a super popular slogan that a lot people use. And it sounds so easy to do. Like a magical recipe for everything to move forward. As it’s solving everything. And yet, often it is not easy to accept.

I recorded a short video message earlier for you today in the beautiful morning sunlight to share with you what I do when I am in a space where I simply cannot accept.

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Does this make sense?

Sending you lots of love,


P.S.: How is your ‘commitment challenge’ going from last week? Have you tested out what it’s like to fully commit to one of your addictions?