Two days ago, I sat in a bakery munching a brezel. A real one, those from Bavaria, not those little biscuits. Before I entered the bakery I was wondering what I was going to do during the spare 45 minutes I had before the first business meeting of the day. In my mind, two choices came up:

  1. sitting in the lobby of the office building and doing email and phone calls or
  2. going to the bakery and do something which I utterly love which is writing an article about living in the heart.

And that choice wasn’t hard to make. :)

The night before, I had watched a video series with Kyle Cease. I like this guy. He combines Comedy with Transformation and fills huge theatres with it (You can check him out here). He comes across as a super authentic guy. Someone who speaks his truth, even in front of a huge audience. He shares his feelings very openly, like for example, his emotional reaction to a negative participant’s feedback. And that he doesn’t want to continue with the event from a feeling of lack, having done something wrong etc. He didn’t feel aligned, so he wanted to address it and asked that particular participant whether he would be wiling to chat with him on stage and talk it through.

I was amazed by his level of openness. And I immediately had the wish that I would like to be more like that as well. Instead of getting stuck in a topic and the arguments around it wondering how I could prove my point. Instead of not fully listening to someone and thinking of what I want to say next. Instead of shutting down my emotions.

I want to open my heart more every single day. To myself and to others.

I want to treat myself and others with more respect. I get a great feeling when I share openly my thoughts and feelings with someone. I even get goose bumps while writing this.

I want to combine the wisdom of my mind with the wisdom of my heart. Without neglecting one or the other. Both are sooo wise and yet, I often “only” work from my mind, which can only take me so far. I cannot imagine how amazing it will be to connect both more often.

How about you? Do you find yourself often lost in thoughts and feelings? Identifying with them? Instead of noticing that you are the space inviting them in?

What would you need to connect more to your heart?

Lots of love,


P.S.: Yesterday, I started a 90-day adventure to meditate every single day to become a better me. One day at a time. I am recording videos as I go along, feel free to watch the first one (super raw and uncut) here:

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P.P.S.: Do you feel like having more time for yourself and getting aligned? Maybe you do a 90-day experiment yourself? You can do anything you like (journaling, off Facebook for 90 days, going for a run … what ever it is), doesn’t have to be meditation.